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Sizing Info


Olive and Rose Sizing S M L XL/1XL 1X/2X 2X/3X
 Women's Sizes 0-4 4-8 8-12 14-16 16 18
 Junior Sizes  3-5  7-9  9-11  11-13  15  17
Bust Measurement   32-34  36-37  38-39  40  43-44 45-50
Waist Measurement   25-27  28-30  31-33  34-35  36-37 38-44
 Hip Measurement  34-36  37-39  39-41  42-44  44-45 46-50


Measuring Tips:
Bust: Measure the fullest part of your chest. 
Waist: Measure the narrowest part of your waist.
Hips: Measure just below your waist but above your thigh.
Make sure with all your measurements, the tape is comfortably placed.
Keep in mind fabric with stretch will give an inch or more.

Our styles come from an array of brands, so sizing can vary from piece to piece. While most of our items run "true-to-size," it is possible that some may be sized slightly different and we will do our best to make note of that when possible.